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About RS Nets Products

RS Nets USA first started in 2009 making bird nets, but in 2011, after a suggestion from a friend, they saw the opportunity to improve the current fishing net market. RS Nets USA is dedicated to making top of the line fishing nets. Everything is done in house, from wrapping the handle, to stitching the net. 


What is so great about the RS Nets?

  • All aluminum
  • Black anodized for longer life
  • All aluminum has a 1000 hr. salt water test
  • All handles are detachable from hoops with the push of a button
  • Scooped leading edge
  • All handles and hoops are interchangeable
  • All nets float if flotation device is on handle
  • Quick release telescopic handles
  • Telescopic handles can be locked at any length
  • Comes prewrapped with silicone grip wrap
  • Measuring ruler on telescopic handles
  • Comes with convenient carry case upon request
  • Sizes for all species: bass to salt water
  • Nets are made up of quality intertwined Mesh Latex which is less likely to seperate
  • Environmentally friendly to protect your fish